VTara Clean Energy Technologies Centre

comprising several leading Universities

Research Alliances

University of Newcastle, Newcastle

RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia. A public research University.

IISC (Indian Institute of Science), Bangalore, India. A public university for scientific research and higher education,

  • Staff & Students (VT-GET):

          –  15 Academics from Eng & Science Faculties

          –  4 Postdoctoral Research Associates

          –  6 Technical & General staff

  • Extensive array of laboratories and pilot scale facilities


  1. Gasification – Process and reactor design.

  2. Gasification – process integration – from feedstock to power block

  3. Biorefinery – Biomass to fuels – to produce methanol and ethanol and carboxylic acid intermediates

  4. A Novel ex-situ calcium looping process for removal and conversion of tars formed during biomass gasification.

  5. Design and development of Gas Engines and related Power Block

  6. Anaerobic digester process and mechanical design

  7. Smart Grid applications to distributed Energy Systems