VTARA is uniquely positioned to deliver energy to the rural sector and “underdeveloped” districts based on our approach to cultivating captive sustainable Energy Plantations such as Bamboo & Energy Cane as an alternative to agricultural waste, crop residues etc.


Regular bamboo is difficult to cultivate, is low yielding and there are no improved clones available. Through our research collaborations, VTARA is using a tissue cultured (or clonal) propagated bamboo species with a yield of 100 tons of dry biomass per hectare with a minimum rainfall requirement of 400 mm. Initial harvesting period is 3 years and hereafter annual harvesting is achieved for the next 50 years thus providing sustainable captive plantation for our biofuel plants.

Energy Cane

Energy Cane is gaining in prominence as a potential energy crop, it has more fiber and less sugar content, and is suitable for all types of soil conditions including adverse soil conditions ( ex: near coal mines etc.). It requires similar climatic conditions as sugar cane, such as ample sunlight and adequate water with a minimum of 1500 mm rainfall to maximise its yield at 300 tons per hectare.

Agricultural Waste

Supply Chain Management

Bulk Material Handling