The VTARA Fund will include Green Bonds, super funds, pension plans, family offices funds and private equity. It is an innovative class of Fund Management. It enables competitive funding for VTARA’s pipeline of projects . The fund will  demonstrate our ability to structure a strong, sustainable, long-term relationship with our strategic partners. Our commitment to developing a strong ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) framework stems from our vision & mission of our company. 


Green Funding –  Green Bonds


Green bonds are a new way of fully or partially funding projects which have proven environmental benefits and promote greater sustainability.

VTARA assists businesses in assessing whether or not a given project qualifies for funding via green bonds and helps them to set up a framework in accordance with international criteria (Green Bond Principles).

VTARA  conducts a professional assessment of the project as regards sustainability and risk, the impact of the project on the environment and society and proposes solutions to increase the sustainability of the built environment.