VTARA is dedicated to renewable energy and has extensive expertise in biofuels – especially CBG, Renewable diesel, bioethanol and hydrogen.

Our core strengths are in technological innovation in anaerobic digester and gasification technological systems –  it also includes design of bulk systems handling for feedstock ( such as bamboo, energy cane, agriculture waste etc.) preparation, pretreatment, expertise in  chemistry, biotechnology, fermentation, enzymatic and thermochemical hydrolysis, sterilization, solids separations, distillation, evaporation and product purification. Our combined  strengths are extended to include the operations common to the chemical and biotechnological process industries.

Apart from our pipeline of projects, we have the capability to provide full service, turn-key project development or, we can supplement potential client’s  internal resources needs throughout the project life-cycle.

Our specialists expertise covers biofuel process engineering, consulting and design services and process design packages for the production of biofuels. In this, our focus is to develop process design packages for biomass utilization and renewable energy projects.

CBG – Biomethane

VTARA has worked on several Compressed Bio Gas (CBG) – biomethane production and utilization projects, in consultation with several universities,  on new methods for increasing the efficiency of anaerobic digestion systems for biomethane production.

Green Diesel

2G Ethanol

VTARA  is planning a pilot plant at NER and MUL for producing 2nd Generation bioethanol from lignocellulosic biomass.

Green Hydrogen

Our proposed facilities for a hydrogen (H2) production at NER and MUL would also include hydrogen refueling stations for vehicles.

There are multiple items to consider when installing hydrogen stations, including fire protection, risk assessment and safety, electrical connections, access and accessibility.

Sustainable Aviation Fuel