VTARA offers a multidisciplinary approach to projects, drawing on specialists from other sectors to ensure the success of every project we run. 
VTARA Infrastructure Team has provided lead consultancy services from Power Generation ( 100MW to 1000MW ), hydroelectric power (300MW)  and has designed complete hydropower plants and power transmission systems in India and internationally. The Infrastructure Team has completed a number of small and large power generation projects  since the 1990s. International experience includes projects in Australia, SE Asia and Africa.


VTARA offers technical due diligence reporting to project developers, financial institutions and investors. A due diligence report provides clients with up-to-date assessment of costs, expert data review, risk assessment & mitigation measures and evaluation of alternatives in every discipline and phase of project development and all resource information and project design basis provides transparency and allows for a more informed investment decision to minimise risk. 

We understand the importance of mitigating strategic, operational, financial, hazardous, and socio-environmental risk before committing to a project. Our technical due diligence services can provide risk analysis for project assessment. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Due diligence – research methodology, resource estimates, review of size and capacity of resources
  • Technical due diligence – capital spending at various stages in the project life cycle.
  • Review of harmonized technical requirements, certificates, permits and licensing requirements.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment, Strategic Environmental Assessment, environmental management, permitting, and investigations.
  • Project Development Studies –  Fatal-Flaw analysis – budget appropriation studies – Front End Engineering and Design (FEED).
  • Risk identification, assessment, and prioritization of risks. Our services include a path forward to proactive evaluation, reporting and monitoring risks  to minimising the probability of and/or impact.
  • Cost Estimates – Basis of Estimate reports – statistical analysis of schedule and cost risk –  providing guidelines as to appropriate contingency levels  as required.
  • Bottom-up project scheduling and milestones.

VTARA’s Team of Specialist have a very well developed knowledge base honed through extensive expertise in the environmental impact assessment and mitigation of projects activities relating to power intensive industries.  

Our specialists undertake  supervision of environmental monitoring and investigations related to industrial operations, and projects requiring impact assessment, environmental operation permits and green audits.