VTARA Energy Group’s mission is to build sustainable and export-oriented industrial biotechnology and bioproducts, attracting significant international investment, and creating regional, high-value and knowledge-intensive jobs.

An Industrial biotechnology hub is capable of producing a multitude of product types from renewable or agricultural raw materials. Bioproducts may be an exact replacement for an existing product with a well-established market, a functionally-improved product which delivers new value into an existing market, or a novel product for new and innovative applications.

Bio-based manufacturing processes impose a lower environmental burden, and incur lower production costs in terms of energy, water and capital cost by operating at lower temperatures and pressures, and milder conditions than traditional processes. By using biomass as a feedstock, industrial biotechnology has the potential to significantly value-add agricultural products.


Power Generation from renewable sources such as Biomass, Hydro, Solar and Wind includes both the transmission of power over high voltage transmission lines to the National Grid or alternatively decentralized systems for local and regional communities.



VTARA is dedicated to renewable energy and has extensive expertise in biofuels – especially CBG, Renewable diesel, bioethanol and hydrogen. We have expertise in biofuel process engineering, consulting and design services and process design packages for the production of biofuels for efficient biomass utilization and renewable energy projects.


VTARA is uniquely positioned to deliver energy to the rural sector and “underdeveloped” districts based on our approach to cultivating captive sustainable Energy Plantations such as Bamboo & Energy Cane as an alternative to agricultural waste, crop residues etc.