Energy Consulting

VTara Energy offers a full range of services that include initial project identification and feasibility evaluation, financial structuring, design, execution and complete construction management and commissioning. Additionally our team has access to experts in the integrated development of projects,  project funding and debt structuring, preparation of financial projections cash flow studies, providing risk assessment and financial viability studies.

Regulatory & Compliance Consulting

High standards of governance over ethical business conduct are a fundamental pre-requisite for business. It is critical that organisations actively manage the criminal, regulatory and reputational risks of corrupt practices. An effective anti-corruption programme is an essential preventative element of these standards.

Design Consulting

Design, Execution and complete construction and commissioning.

Project Management Consulting

Financial Consulting

Project Funding and debt structuring, preparation of financial projections cash flow studies and financial viability studies.

O&M Consulting

VTara offers the full range of Operations and Management services including the management of all technical literature and manuals and on the job training for all personnel.

Global Market Entry Strategy Consulting

Risk Management Consulting

Providing Risk Assessment & Mitigation Strategies