VTARA Low Carbon Technologies(LCT) Hub – Stage 1 Development


Work is progressing at NER, Maharashtra, in relation to the layout design and project planning.

The production of Compressed Biogas (CBG) – 6×15 Metric Tonnes per day capacity and a 2×5 MW Biomass Gasification power generation  units,  at each of the sites (NER and MUL) – a decentralised production model, with an estimated date of Commissioning being Sep 2024.

Applying state of the art advanced technologies, VTARA will establish a strong, industry-recognized position in energy supply using renewable resources. We are committed to reducing energy supply costs and increasing reliability, while reducing environmental impacts, including carbon footprint.

Importantly, VTARA will be establishing a Technical & Research Collaboration Centre (TRCC) with a focus on Low Carbon Technologies. Its focus is to optimize and scale technologies to drive the shift to biobased fuels – by developing the scientific and engineering foundations – that enables the commercialization of biobased fuels, materials and chemicals.

VTARA is seeking new project development and continue to look for opportunities for co-investment with both financial as well as strategic counter-parties.